Studio Version 1.32.533

Supported Android/PC Surveyor Version: 479 and higher 

New Features

Survey Design: 

  • Support new User Logic 
    • ClearWasAnsweredAllIterations(Int32 inQuesIdx)
    • GetAllQuestions()
    • UIMgr.HideBackButton = True/False
    • SendEmail(string inProviderName, string inSubject, string inFrom, string inTo, string inCC, string inBCC, string inMessage)
  • Support Bulk update of images in scale
  • Support Opening the 'Advanced Scripts' using keyboard shortcut from anywhere in the survey - Ctrl+Shift+Alt+A
  • Subject Store - Support blocking 'Null' in columns [BREAKING CHANGE]


  • Support Answer Space
  • Support 'Kiosk' Mode for Dimensions imported surveys
  • Support an option to set an interview as complete as soon as it is stopped
    eUploadOfStoppedInterviewStatus OnUploadOfStoppedInterview(); 
    public enum eUploadOfStoppedInterviewStatus
      Stopped = 0,
      StoppedWithUpload = 1,
      Completed = 2,

Tabulation: Show Question Text in question selection not just the variable name

Survey Export: 

  • Support in GetSurveyXML for answer whether the "IsHidden" is true or false.
  • Additional Column when exporting aList to mark whether an attachment is Archived or not.

Organization Properties: Support Edit connectors for an organization

Bug Fixes

  • Fixing issues related to SPSS does not export Russian file names
  • Fixing issues related to External Tabulation does not name Scale Iterations and Nested loops properly
  • Fixing issues related to Copy Project fails if no surveyors are present
  • Fixing issues related to search button grayed out after one search 
  • Fixing issues related to android auto advance after displaying one sound attachment
  • Fixing issues related to TripleS export error when Multiple Selection without answers 
  • Fixing issues related to Tasks view doesn't show grouped items properly 
  • Fixing issues related to keeping a shortcut in the task bar when upgrading.
  • Fixing issues related to Upload Stopped Interviews does not upload stopped subjects that were QC flagged
  • Fixing issues related to exporting translations for questions with scales that are not categorical
  • Fixing issues related to Ongoing Usage Report throwing exception when there's a missing survey
  • Fixing issues related to ColorPicker causes the Studio to hang when running 64bit on Windows 10
  • Fixing issues related to exporting the operations console grid exports also the PII columns
  • Fixing issues related to integer other spec allows to advance with text in the other spec value
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