Android Version 1.32.474


The new version is available to all our customers at no cost. 

New Features

Survey Designer: 

  • Support Racing Flag calculation to exclude Dummy Questions from "Total" of questions
  • Support CallBack for Skip Video click & write to log
    • bool OnVideoSkipped(int inQuestionIndex, int inIteration, int inAttachmentIndex)

Studio Designer: Support "Show Silent Attachments in interview count" in the Organization Properties 

Application Installation: Support installation of application without .Net 2 

Bug Fixes

  • Fixing issues related to Time zone change does not insert a time changed action
  • Fixing issues related to XMLConvert.StringToDateMDD has wrong time zone after time zone change
  • Fixing issues related to Memory Leaks during synchronization [MAJOR CHANGE]
  • Fixing issues related to function SelectedAnswerText returns html [BREAKING CHANGE]
  • Fixing issues related to DimQuestionTopic does not handle Indexer properly since the introduction of DimQuestionTopicInner
  • Fixing issue related to ensuring all text boxes set the font scale properly
  • Fixing issues related to AutoAdvance after attachments no longer works
  • Fixing issues related to PositionTopicsOnImage should not reserve topic space when using Unordered Mode
  • Fixing issues related to showing multiple questions per page View Attachment should only show attachments belonging to the chosen questions [BREAKING CHANGE]
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