Studio Version 1.32.527

Supported Android/PC Surveyor Version: 472 and higher 

New Features

Language Manager: Support Hiding the Language menu, surveyor will not be able to choose language. 

  • New UL - LanguageMgr.LanguageMenuVisible 
  • Survey Property - under the 'Display' section 

Tabulation: Change the tabulation Look & Feel 

Survey Designer: Support additional custom Fields - Total of 10 CustomData/CustomDataInt Fields.

Studio Designer: Support exporting the Users & Surveyor lists 


Bug Fixes

  • Fixing issues related to tabulation not showing any questions 
  • Fixing issues related to Dummy Data Generator casing an exception:
    • Freetext with largelimit fake text overflow
    • Multitopics with no answers
  • Fixing issues related to Quality Control flag 'StraightLining' flagging questions that have only 1 topic.
  • Fixing issues related to Triple-S export issue with checked un-checked multi select questions
  • Fixing issues related to 'Coding' not being set properly for new answers in Answer scales
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