Studio Version 1.32.520

Supported Android/PC Surveyor Version: 463 and higher 

New Features

Studio Designer: Support disabling the CAWI Preview using the Designer settings.

Task System:  Support the ability to detach an interview from a Task and reassign the task.

Survey Designer:

  • New UL 
    • ClearWasAnswered(inQuestionIndex)
    • ClearWasAnsweredIter(inQuestionIndex, IterationIndex)
  • Support PII on Custom Fields 

Studio Designer:

  • New Quality Control flag - Flag interview if more than X or % of questions were answered with less than N seconds
  • Support Measure duration and time stamp also for Empty question

CAWI: Turn auto conduct and one run check box to be invisible in the 'Web Survey Display Options' 

Security Assignments

  • Support a new permission section option for changing survey modes
  • Support a new permission role for the new 'Manage Translations' menu

Languages: Add right click on survey and "Manage translations" (import export files, add language etc).  

Bug Fixes

  • Fixing issues related to CAWI Preview - Grid rendered as Ranked Scale not showing as expected
  • Fixing issues related to high memory exceptions.
  • Fixing issues related to adding survey attachments with size 0.
  • Fixing issues related to Image capture Attachments do not get created
  • Fixing issues related to XmlExportProvider returns the Attachment IterationFull in the wrong place
  • Fixing issues related to lines format in subject store form
  • Fixing issues related to PII Location not handled correctly in all exporters
  • Fixing issues related to fixed file map error when there are location columns, subject store columns or score columns are exported
  • Fixing issues related to Dimensions importing illegal characters blocks survey from saving
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