Studio Version 1.32.514

Supported Android/PC Surveyor Version: 457 and higher 

New Features

Operations Console:  Support Histogram Chart that shows the amount of time spent in each question

Survey Designer: New UL for piping text into Validation Rules:

  • String OnValidationTextRequired(int inQuestionIndex, int inValidationID, String inMessage)

Survey Export: Support Triple-S export of multiple select as checked un-checked [Breaking Change]

Survey Designer: Support using the same CSS class but with a question prefix to allow different formatting to affect specific questions.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixing issues related to attachment names being created incorrectly
  • Fixing issues related to exporting ASCII (Fixed Length) provider
    • Exclude all open ended questions doesn't work as expected
    • Shows new variables warning when the variables are excluded and not new
    • Export the fixed file map to excel as well (new checkbox which is enabled by default)
    • Show selected colors
    • Delimit special chars with quotes or replace them
  • Fixing issues related to word special options page is not displayed
  • Fixing issues related to error exporting to SPSS with do not create empty variables as well as multi select grid that has an other specify answer
  • Fixing issues related to importing subjects while in a language that has a decimal separator of "," and the data of the longitude and latitude has a "." parsing returns wrong value and insert to DB fails
  • Fixing issues related to checking the startup language
  • Fixing issues related to Arabic with italic in print preview of observation shows strange symbols.
  • Fixing issues related to save observation print preview save html with UTF8 encoding
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