CAWI Version 1.32.458


The new version is available to all our customers at no cost.

New Features

Survey Designer

  • Upgrade to latest JQuery
  • Support Drag & Drop rendering for multiple selection grid
  • Add a functionality of redirect to another URL during a CAWI interview. The following functions have been added:
    • RedirectTo(URL)
    • RedirectTo(URL, QuestionIndexToReturnTo)
  • Support External Params when continuing a CAWI interview so to read the params again from the URL when the interview continues. That is mainly useful when returning from a redirect and the redirected app wants to return information to the CAWI interview.
  • Support is startup language in CAWI
  • Support Highlight Border Render mode for Single Choice Questions only

Bug Fixes

  • Fixing issues related to Ranked Scale:
    • Dragging size - Changes the size to something minimal which makes it harder to properly drop the item
    • Revert Drop Zone - Colors incorrectly making it hard to find it
    • Revert Drop Zone - Scales to zero when no topics present, can't drop back
    • Mobile/Regular code differences - Not Selectable was not used for mobile.
    • Mobile Topic Measurement - Measures items incorrectly. 
    • Support Other Specify
    • Support multiple questions in same page properly 
  • Fixing issues related to RTL not working as expected.
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