Studio Version 1.32.502

Supported Android/PC Surveyor Version: 449 and higher 

New Features

Studio Designer: Support enhanced search mechanism for surveys

Security: New Organization security setting to Support 'User Bulk Delete' 

Export Results: Support exporting results without bad subjects and create a list of bad subjects when using the commandLine export mechanism.

Survey Designer: Support negative answer code, will require a 'Survey Property' enabled.

Survey Designer: New UL for knowing if it's Dummy Data Generator 

  • bool IsDummyDataGenerator()
  • Multimedia question (Video): Support specifying video to be captured by the front camera

Quality Control Flags: Support flagging of interview "Flag interviews with too many back and forward"

Survey Properties - Extended Screen: Support displaying surveyor instructions on extended screen

Studio Designer: Display Web Preview 


Bug Fixes

  • Fixing issues related to DDG crashing when open ended questions is rendered as 'Signature' or 'Sketch'. 
  • Fixing issues related to Multiple Selection question rendered as 'AutoComplete List' display 
  • Fixing issues related to Questions that are not entered in compound grid are still displayed in the headers and an empty column + add Visible in RenderGridParams.Column
  • Fixing issues related to Chapter is set as Read Only not working as expected. 
  • Fixing issues related to Switching "Enable Extend Screen" On and Off does not re-set the settings correctly
  • Fixing issues related to FlagByStarightLining should only check topic that were answered
  • Fixing issues related to bottom panel in select survey list in the export wizard is not visible when the font settings is 150%
  • Fixing issues related to WriteFileText when trying to "attach" file in the emulator.
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