Studio Version 1.32.480

Supported Android/PC Surveyor Version: 421 and higher 

New Features


  • Support changing answer panel width using Style.Width
  • Support tasks + catch_prop
    sTaskName "TaskName"
    Dooblo_CatchProp = "TaskName"

    sLocationName "LocationName"
    Dooblo_CatchProp = "LocationName"

    sLocationID "LocationID"
    Dooblo_CatchProp = "LocationID"

    sTaskID "TaskID"
    Dooblo_CatchProp = "TaskID"

Survey Designer:
  • Remove Multi Selection "Selection Grid" render mode
  • Support the option 'MustWatchFullVideo' for all question types
  • Disable the CATI mode option in web properties
  • Add in Respondent lists "Show unassigned only" checkbox on the top bar to filter only unassigned.
  • Support setting unique links (respondent lists/anonymous unique) in order to do multiple interviews using the same link
Quality Control: Add a quality control flag for "No Silent recording"
Import Results: Support Custom Fields in the Bulk Update process
General: Device Data Protection enhancements

Bug Fixes

  • Fixing issues related to tab order in Numeric Grid Questions
  • Fixing issues related to 64Bit studio stuck on initial Regex load
  • Fixing issues related to how Execution Manager jump is shown in the logs [BREAKING CHANGE]
  • Fixing issues related to exporting interview adjusted columns and answer time stamp throws exception when the answer time stamp is date min value
  • Fixing issues related to empty counters passing validation
  • Fixing issues related to the security viewer when changing state 
  • Fixing issues related to Rating Question exporting incorrectly [BREAKING CHANGE]
  • Fixing issues related to Project GPS Tracking and Operations Console issue not showing properly when working with non-default assignments
  • Fixing issues related to variable name update error
  • Fixing issues related to Question Variables where editing does not update question symbols script references
  • Fixing issues related to Dimensions:
    • Multi Topic Headers should be ignored when exporting
    • Duplicate SubjectAnswers
  • Fixing issues related to formatting on PC Survey with RTL is not working as expected 
  • Fixing issues related to Question Symbol compare with numbers
  • Fixing issues related to clearing Report Text
  • Fixing issues related to Multiple Selection Question export to word
  • Fixing issues related to HTML results issues with text
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