Studio Version 1.32.477

Supported Android/PC Surveyor Version: 419 and higher 

New Features

Survey Designer: New User logic to know if the location services in the device is on/Off 

  • bool IsLocationServicesEnabled 
  • bool IsAirplaneModeEnabled
  • ShowLocationServicesSettings() - will open the Android Location Services settings page.
Survey Designer: New Quality control Flag to flag interviews that have location services set to off
Survey Designer: Allow specifying in multiple selection question, for checked unchecked option a different label format
Survey Export: Support exporting the interviews history, additional option in the Export Wizard last page.
CAWI Properties: In the CAWI Branding selection screen, when opening the screen and there is already a branding chosen show a more darker shade of green for emphasis 

Bug Fixes

  • Fixing issues related to single choice grid ranked scale, the text of the topic is cut off for char that go below the line or with multi line topics
  • Fixing issues related to GDPR truncating degrees for readability 
  • Fixing issues related to improve the implementation of 'Round' to deal with Floating point numbers when truncating numbers
  • Fixing issues related to Command line export - all the extra columns that are are not added by default are not exported
  • Fixing issues related to media player in the silent recordings tab of the reviewer is not visible
  • Fixing issues related to GDPR Consent/Unique Identity option not working correctly
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