Studio Version 1.32.466

Supported Android/PC Surveyor Version: 411 and higher 

New Features

Survey Export: Support Exporting to SPSS V20 & Up via command line 

CAWI Designer:

  • Add link to Quota Full 
  • Support exporting All created anonymous links

Dimension Integration

  • Partial Support for piping Category labels
  • Support to getAnswer
  • Partial support to UTCToLocalTime
  • DimQuotaGroup - ignore index error

Survey Designer: Advanced Input support for Other Specify Variable Name 

Bug Fixes

  • Fixing issues related to Exporting:
    • Single Choice Questions set to export each answer as variable to SPSS Provider
    • Other Specify to SPSS when exporting more than one way
    • Multiple Selection Grid questions to Quantum, the axis file doesn't contain the question answers only the topics.
    • Attachments that have the same name 
  • Fixing issues related to Editing all variables shows incorrect settings
  • Fixing issues related to Numeric Input calculation returning incorrect results due to floating numbers
  • Fixing issues related to Editing Web Properties
  • Fixing issues related to HTML editor to be a NOCLEANHtmlEditorControl
  • Fixing issues related to Edit users form, checking if user is locked do not enable the OK button
  • Fixing issues related to Topics Coding on Answers/Topics from scale not working as expected
  • Fixing issues related to 'Edit Question Variables' doesn't work properly for Other Spec in multi select grid. 
  • Fixing issues related to Dimensions:
    • Running Dimension question that doesn't have chapter
    • DimStyle is set as Hidden
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