Studio Version 1.32.462

Supported Android/PC Surveyor Version: 407 and higher  

New Features

Survey Designer:  

  • Support exporting Default CSS file 
  • Support Header Image with support to execute 
  • Kiosk Mode - Support Survey Sync between interviews when Run In Loop is enabled 

Dimensions: Allow header image to scale to width of device 

Result Export: Additional option when exporting to CSV to write as UTF-8 with BOM

CommandLine Export: Support to exclude surveys (/NotSurveyIDs=<SurveyID1>;<SurveyID2> etc.) in OpData

Bug Fixes

  • Fixing issues related to Assigning/Unassiging subject Stores. 
  • Fixing issues related to EditWebClientPropsV2 - some display buttons do not have a hover button affect
  • Fixing issues related to Question Edit Advanced Panel. 
  • Fixing issues related to bulk update for topic questions - do not update the answers by original order [BREAKING CHANGE]
  • Fixing issues related to CSV Data Export Error with CSV Scores
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