How To Design CAWI Notification Templates and Send Notifications


Once you create the email/SMS connector you can setup notification templates to be sent to your respondents using fields from your participants list, this guide will describe to how to design and send your notification message to your customers. 

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Design your Notification Template and Send Notifications

  1. In the CAWI Distribution tab choose 'Send Notifications'mceclip0.png
  2. The Send Notifications screen is divided to 2 tabs 
    1. Sending Log - Shows the log of already sent notifications
      • 'View Email/SMS' - click to display the email/SMS sent
      • 'Report' - Click to display the list of sent notifications/errors
    2. Send Notifications - Includes all the fields and settings to send the notification
      1. Compose & Design - Includes method (Mail/SMS), template & notification design - create & manage templates as well as fields you would like to setup & include when sending (list of fields and their details can be seen found at the end of this guide).
      2. Send Settings - Includes the filtering and settings you would like to include and determine who should receive the notification. Make sure to select a participants list you wish to notify using the '+ Select / Manage Lists':
      3. Review & Send - Final preview of the notification that will be sent.
  3. Action Buttons available throughout the screens
    Preview - Click this button to see a preview of your notification message
    Cancel - Click to cancel the screen
    Save Changes - Click to save the changes made for the next time you would like to send
    Next - Click to continue to the next screen
    Back - Available when there is an option to go back to previous page

Email Template Fields Description

Template Stage Setting Category Setting Name Description
Compose & Design Template Settings Send Method

Choose the notification method:



Notification Template Choose the notification template you would like to send to respondents 
Notification Type

Choose the notification type:
Not Started Reminder

Delete Click to delete the current template
New Click to create a new template
Save As Click to save the current template as another template
Save Click to save the current template
Mail Design             Report To The email address for the contact that will get a summarized information on all emails that were sent out
BCC a contact you would like to send a blind carbon copy of the email notification
From The name that will appear when the email is sent
Subject  The subject of the email
Message The email text message
Simple URL Will show the survey link as a simple URL Link
Right To Left Check this option to send the email text Right To Left.
Hide STG Image Check this option if you would like to hide the STG Image from the email sent.
Add 'Link' Field Click this button to add the survey link that was created by the 'Create Respondent Links'
Link Text The text you would like to show in the email notification
Link Parameters Any additional parameters you would like to set at the end of the link sent '&ParameterName'
Link Image Connecting the survey link sent to the respondent with an image added, once clicking on the image it will open the survey link
Image Display Options

Align Image with Text - align the image with the email text
Align Image to Left - Align the image to the Left 
Align Image to Center - Align the image to the Center
Align Image to Right- Align the image to the Right

Show Fields Pipe customized fields from your Respondents list to be shown in the email. e.g. FirstName, LastName etc. click here to learn more
Show notified Subject List Click this option to see the list of respondents email will be sent to. 
Please Note: To Add/Remove from this list you should navigate to the 'Create Respondents Links' option.
Send Settings Delivery Settings First Invitation Default parameter that will be chosen to send an email to all those that have not yet received an email notification

Will be chosen to send a reminder to those who have already received a notification but (Choose the applicable).

1. Either did not start yet

2. have started but not completed yet.

Notified Enable this option and choose the number of notifications already sent in order to re-send additional notification.
Limit To  Limit the amount of participants you would like to send the notifications to (will choose randomly).
Subscription Tracking Check this option if you would like to track the subscription email (will require to enable this option in SendGrid platform)
Select participant List   Choose the participant list that you would like to use for filtering the emails sent, click Here to learn more

That's It !

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