How To Customize your End Pages Links


In some cases you might be asked to re-direct the Finish Page and the screenout page to a specific link, in this guide we will elaborate more how this can be done. 

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  1. Navigate to the CAWI tab of the survey and choose 'Web Survey Display Options' 
  2. Navigate to the 'General' tab and un-check the option to 'Use Defaults'
  3. The following page are available to be updated
    Finish - The page to redirect when the survey is finished
    Cancel - The page to redirect when the survey is cancelled
    Filter - The page to redirect when the survey is filtered
    Non-Active page - The page to redirect when it's a non active page
    Error Page - The page to redirect when there is an error while conducting the survey
    Already Conducted Page - The page to redirect when the survey was already conducted
    Full Quota Page - The page to redirect when the Quota is full
  4. Click on 'Edit' - to edit the text that you would like to appear in the End Page 
  5. In cases when you are using a dynamic link and would like to embed parameters from your script or participants link follow these steps:
    Please note: To separate between the parameters add '&' before
    • External Parameters - Identifiers that were added to the URL that are sent to the participant. 
      • uid=(Ex:Ticket) - the unique ID that is generated for each participant 
    • Respondent List Parameters - use parameters that were defined in your respondents list, click here to learn how to create.
      The parameter is added between brackets () with the word 'sbj:' and then the Parameter name for example:
      • Gender=(Sbj:Gender) - A column in your respondent links that is called 'Gender'.
    • Variable Names - Use variable names from your survey to be added to the end link 
      • Age=(An:Age) - A variable name in your survey called 'Age' 
  6. Once Done click on 'OK' to save changes

 That's It !

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