How To Setup External Dashboards Integration


This guide describes how to create an external Dashboard integration in order to implement it in an online dashboard tool of your choosing. 

The main purpose of this feature is to create a URL that can be embedded into an online dashboard of your choosing in order to display visualized dashboards to your customers, without the need to install the STG Studio, based on the data collected in STG. 

This data source (URL) will be cached on the STG servers in order to allow better performance along with refreshed data. 

Please note: you can use any of the offered online dashboard tools such as: klipfolio, Tableau, Google Sheets or any other online dashboard you are using. 


Under the project navigate to the Tabulation node and open 'External Dashboards Integration'

on the following screen choose the survey you would like to create the online dashboard for and click on it

on the lower section of the page a list of all the survey variables will be shown

Choose the type of tabulation you would like to create:

  • Regular Tabulation
  • Cross Tabulation

Choose the questions you would like to show in the data source and click on 'Generate Links'

You will see 2 URLs 

  • Data URL - will include the data of the tabulation query you have chosen
  • Structure URL - will include the structure of the tabulation query you have chosen 

Copy the URL to your chosen online dashboard tool and create the data source (it will be shown like this for example)

To remove a link just click on the 'Remove' button on the right side of the links 


User ID required for authentication

The user ID that should be used for the authentication is in the form of XXXX-XXXX-XXXX/YYYY where the first part is your organization REST API Key and the second part is the relevant user name you wish to use for the operations. Please note the user needs to have the relevant permissions to access the tabulation node.

 For example, if the user you wish to use when building the integration is named “mark” and the organization REST API Key is: f150fc49-3a14-4ecb-9214-ca04698a9578 the user ID that you need to use is: f150fc49-3a14-4ecb-9214-ca04698a9578/mark

Contact to receive your organization REST API Key to use with the REST API.

Please Note:

  1. There is a limitation of 20 links per survey - you can monitor the totals next to the generate button 
  2. The data will refresh every 8 hours since the link creation so if you created a link at 10AM the next time the data will refresh is 18PM.
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