Studio Version 1.32.493

Supported Android/PC Surveyor Version: 439 and higher 

New Features

Survey Designer: Support Other Specify options for Single Choice Grid Questions 

Operations Console: 

  • For web surveys show IP address instead of IMEI
  • Show/Hide CAWI Tab according to the subject source

Dimensions: Support Question/Topic/Answer font sizes 

  • void SetQuestionFontScale(DimQuestion inQuestion, String inSize)
  • void SetQuestionFontScalePercent(DimQuestion inQuestion, int inPercent)
  • void SetQuestionTopicFontScale(DimQuestion inQuestion, String inSize)
  • void SetQuestionTopicFontScalePercent(DimQuestion inQuestion, int inPercent)
  • void SetQuestionAnswerFontScale(DimQuestion inQuestion, String inSize)
  • void SetQuestionAnswerFontScalePercent(DimQuestion inQuestion, int inPercent)
Where the "inSize" value needs to be one of: 
   XSmall, Smaller, Small, Regular, Large, Largest, XLarge
which are in percentages:
   60%, 80%, 90%, 100%, 120%, 180%, 240%
Export Results
  • Export to Dimensions finalize the file before writing VData
  • Improve Export performance
Survey Designer: Support Question image attachment source place holder 
CAWI: Support SMTP Email Connector
Organization Properties: Support Adding an 'Ignore List' for 'Fake GPS' applications 
Survey Restore: Showing Totals interviews to restore for Test & Production

Bug Fixes

  • Fixing issues related to Cross Thread Validation error when loading survey and showing "Edited by newer studio" message
  • Fixing issues related to Questions belonging to the same page should appear as Answered (Cross Validation should not be dependent on the order of the questions) [BREAKING CHANGE]
  • Fixing issues related to Dimensions:
    • Issues converting Unicom MDDfile
    • Support forcing 12/24 hours format for time questions
    • Support Start Empty
    • Exporting to Dimensions throws error for External List + Other spec questions
  • Fixing issues related to removing question attachment source - bug in changing scale advanced props
  • Fixing issues related to archiving index file will be saved as xlsx instead of xls.
  • Fixing issues related to Variable count approximation seems to under estimate the real exported count
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