Android Version 1.32.436


The new version is available to all our customers at no cost. 

New Features


  • Support ReadOnly (Dimensions .Show()) mode for questions.
  • Support GetLocationProps
  • Report Studio Error: Report critical errors to WS + Duplicate IDs when MDD syncing
Survey Designer:
  • New UL Support ReadOnly for Questions
    • void SetQuestionReadOnly(int inQuesIndex, bool inValue)
    • void SetChapterReadOnly(int inChapterIndex, bool inValue)
  • New UL for Dvar DateTime 
    • ShortTimeInvariant
    • ShortTimeLocal
    • ShortDateInvariant
    • ShortDateLocal
    • LongTimeInvariant
    • LongTimeLocal
    • LongDateInvariant
    • LongDateLocal
  • New UL for CreateDateAndTime 
    • DVar CreateJustDate(String inValue)
    • DVar CreateJustTime(String inValue)
    • Dvar CreateDateAndTime(String inValue)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixing issues related to Large Quota count causes UI to hang / load for a long time
  • Fixing issues related to Dimensions:
    • Grid questions Indexer fails when using curly braces as string
  • Fixing issues related to Question Attachment Source Viewer crashes when viewing missing attachment
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