PC Surveyor Version 1.32.384


The new version is available to all our customers at no cost.

New Features


  • Support Personal information when importing from Dimensions
  • MDD American\Multiple Select new rendering mode: Hightlight Border

Studio Designer:  New UL function to retrieve the order of randomized chapter questions and randomized answers/topics order when option to randomize is checked:

  • GetQuestionsRandomOrder()
  • GetQuestionAnswersRandomOrder()
  • GetQuestionTopicsRandomOrder()

Bug Fixes

  • Fixing issues related to calling the function CurrPageQuestions
  • Fixing issues related to ClearAnswer function not clearing the Other Specify value.
  • Fixing issues related to Profile settings sync interval not displaying correctly in the UI
  • Fixing issues related to flagging interviews - stale GPS and GPS date flags are flagged for surveys that did not enable those flagging option 
  • Fixing issues related to recording of chapter automatic recording is not associated to chapter
  • Fixing issues related to single choice with multi columns and multiple other specs when going back and forth between the two answers
  • Fixing issues related to Multi select with multi columns and other spec - other spec text box width is too big
  • Fixing issues related to question display index incorrect
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