How To Customize your CAWI Survey using Branding


This guide describes how to customize your CAWI survey using the Branding tab under the Web Properties. 

The Branding controls the Logos, Right/Left Pane, Top/Bottom Panes using the STG editor and HTML editor. 


  1. Open the survey you would like to customize
  2. Navigate to 'Survey -> Web Survey Properties '
  3. Navigate to the 'Branding' Tab 
  4. Click on 'New' to create a new customized brand - Provide a Brand Name
  5. Start customizing your brand -
    • Choose the Pane you would like to customize - Top / Bottom /Left /Right 
    • Use the Full Preview to watch your customization
    • Use the 'Show HTML Editor' and navigate to the 'HTML Source' to edit your HTML (Click Design when done to save changes).

That's It !


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