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Here’s a summary of the latest  SurveyToGo Studio Version. The new version is available to all our customers at no cost. You are welcome to request an upgrade of your Studio version if you wish to take advantage of these productive feature.If you wish to be upgraded please contact:

Supported Android/PC Surveyor Version: 230 and higher

New Features

New Design: New Login window design, new Studio Icons, new Question Icons

The first part of our Studio interface revamp is the new login screen, along with the new Studio icons and look and feel:



Collaboration: New “Profile Picture” feature

It is now possible to load your profile picture in the Studio allowing you to personalize the look and feel. The profile picture will be displayed both on the login screen and later in the Studio top left cornder:



New Design: We’ve created a new design for the “New Project/Survey” wizard.

As part of our recent design upgrades, we’ve now revamped the “New Project/Survey” wizard to make it look much nicer.



Review Screen: Added “Go To Data” link to the Attachments tab

When in the “Attachments tab” of the interview review screen it is now possible to click the “Go to Data” link for each attachment. This will switch you to the interview data screen and pre-select the relevant question that is associated with the attachment


Review Screen: Map Tab – Now shows all the locations when using iterations

The Map tab of the interview review screen will now show all the locations of a question if the question was a part of an interation.


Custom Question Rendering Package (CQRP): Support “getQuestionType” function in javascript

When developing CQRP (see here more info about developing CQRP) it is now possible to call the STG.getQuestionType to find out which question type the rendering package resides in. The function will return one of the following values:

eqtAmerican, eqtNumeric, eqtFreeText, eqtMultiSelect, eqtRating, eqtScale, eqtMatrix, eqtMultiTopics, eqtDateTime, eqtCounters, eqtStopper, eqtExpression, eqtMultiText, eqtMultiNumeric, eqtMultimedia, eqtMultiTopicsSelect, eqtGPSQuestion, eqtListSource, eqtPositionTopicsOnImage

Survey Design: Watermarking photos: now supports custom text

The recently released “watermarking” feature now supports your own custom text in addition to the pre-built date/time and organization name. Once you switch on the “subject details” box  in the survey properties:


 you can add a call back function like the one below:


function OnGetImageWatermark(inFilePath, inName)


return “myCustomText!!”;



Quantum Exporter: Now single-punch format support is available for Quantum as well (Export each answer as a variable)

In the past “Export each answer as a variable” mode was not supported in Quantum. This support was now added:




Dimensions: Renamed the Dimensions exporter: Dimensions (UNICOM Intelligence).

This is to reflect the recent acquisition of Dimensions by Unicom (formerly owned by IBM). Read more about the acquisition here



Survey Design: External List questions: Automatically switch to “auto complete” render mode

When an answer list of an External-List question has over 150 items the engine will now automatically render the external list question as auto-complete regardless of the rendering settings and when over 999 items it will switch to auto-complete-long rendering. This is to prevent potential memory issues when rendering huge amount of radio/checkboxes on the Android.


Survey Scripting: New “Question-Symbols” support

SurveyToGo now supports scripting with “Question Symbols” that enables you to use variable names in scripts instead of question indexes. No more “QRef” and unreadable scripts as you can now use the variable names directly in the script:




Quantum Export: Support up to 9999 cards instead of previously 999 limit.

It is now possible to include up to 9999 cards in the Quantum map.


Interview Log: Text piping functions are now logged in the interview logs

In case one of the text-piping functions are used in the survey script, the functions will now log the text that was piped to the interview log to allow for worst-case scenario data reconstruction if the interviewer made this mistake:


Interview Log: Radomization functions are now logged in the interview logs

In case one of the randomization logic functions are used in the survey script, the functions will now log the randomized output to the interview log to allow for worst-case scenario data reconstruction if the interviewer made this mistake:


Interview Log: Iteration values are logged next to answers

SurveyToGo now logs next to the answers also the iteration value if the question is part of an iteration.


Review Screen: Attachment Tab: Attachments are now shown in a sequential order

In the past, in the attachments-tab the attachments were shown in an internal order which was not productive. We have now changed it so that attachments are shown according to the order of the questions in the survey:


Bug Fixes

  • Survey Design: Fixed: Icon gallery exception when loading small icons. This was now fixed.
  • Survey Logic: Fixed: General Jump Rules report incorrect CurrQues when run before a chapter
  • MS Access Exporter: Fixed: When exporting to MS Access and the Access provider encounters an error the error is not shown. This was now fixed.
  • XML Exporter / REST API / CMDLine: Fixed: Exporting dates to XML will export the dates in standard format regardless of the specific computer regional settings. Specifying WriteXMLStrings=true in the CMDLine options will allow you to export in the old way however Dooblo recommends using the new way only to prevent issues when switching between computers.
  • Import Interviews: Fixed: When importing interviews from Excel, the process would fail if multiple other-specify option was used. This was now fixed.
  • Survey Design: Fixed: When pasting a question from one survey to a survey that has question symbols turned on, and the variable name of the original question has an invalid variable name, no error would show and the save would not work. This was now fixed and a proper error message will show.
  • Review Screen: Fixed: When updating the data of a question with multiple other specify through the review screen, it would sometimes update the data in an invalid way causing later issues when exporting or tabulating the data. This was now fixed.
  • Survey Design: Fixed: Calling survey functions that accept an unlimited number of parameter and passing in an array instead of the actual parameters would fail. This was now fixed.
  • Dimensions Export: Fixed: Problem with exporting external list answers that have duplicate variable names to MDD. This was now fixed.
  • Dimensions Export: Fixed: Error occurred when exporting a location question that resides in a loop to MDD. This was now fixed.
  • Quota Sheets: Fixed: Questions in iterations are now not allowed in a quota sheets as it generates unexpected behavior.
  • Survey Design: Fixed: When adding <BR> in the text of answers the engine will now adhere to the <BR> and will add a new line.
  • Survey Engine: Fixed: Changing chapter entrance rule does not cause the proper emulator update. This was now fixed
  • Survey Design: Fixed: Numeric Grid question type showed irrelevant rendering modes. This was now fixed.
  • Import Users: Fixed: Importing the pre-defined example file will generate an error. This was now fixed.
  • Exporting: Fixed: Wrong error message & interview ID was shown in certain scenarios where an error is shown during the export process. This was now fixed.
  • Studio: Fixed: Editing a project name in the Studio will keep the management tree in an editable mode. This was now fixed.




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