Android Version 1.32.107

Here’s a summary of the latest additions/fixes to the SurveyToGo Android App. If you wish to be upgraded to the latest SurveyToGo Android App version please

New Features

Android App: New question type – Multiple selection Grid

The multiple selection grid question type has now been added. This question type will display a grid with multiple selections. It is configured just as the single choice grid (topics / answers).


Android App: Flipped table layout is now supported on Android

Flipped table rendering mode was previously only supported for the PC platform. It is now also supported for Android in both Multiple selection grids and Single choice grids.


Android App: New rendering for Single Choice Grid: “Ranked Scale”

A new “Ranked Scale” rendering mode of Single Choice Grid is now available. With “Ranked Scale” the topics are shown together along with a scale and the respondent can drag the topics to the relevant scale value.


Android App: New “3 Weeks History” view on the device

Interviewers can now easily see the work they did in the past 3 weeks for any survey by tapping the “3 Weeks History” tab of the survey:

The data is divided into:

  • Completed: The number of interviews that were completed (or filtered) in that day.
  • Uploaded: The number of interviews that were uploaded in that day
  • Canceled: The number of interviews that were canceled in that day


Bug Fixes

Android App: Fixed: “Row space” option did not work in some cases

When using the “Row Space” option for a question without specifying an “answer space” value the option did not have any effect. This has been fixed.


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