Studio version 1.32.121

Here’s a summary of the latest additions/fixes to the SurveyToGo Studio. If you wish to be upgraded to the latest SurveyToGo Studio version please contact

New Features

Survey Design: New question type – Multiple selection Grid

The multiple selection grid question type has now been added. This question type will display a grid with multiple selections. It is configured just as the single choice grid (topics / answers).


Survey Design: New rendering for Single Choice Grid: “Ranked Scale”

A new “Ranked Scale” rendering mode of Single Choice Grid is now available. With “Ranked Scale” the topics are shown together along with a scale and the respondent can drag the topics to the relevant scale value


Survey Design: Flipped table layout is now supported on Android

Flipped table rendering mode was previously only supported for the PC platform. It is now also supported for Android in both Multiple selection grids and Single choice grids.


Importing Surveys: Import of surveys is now a single-step process

In the past, importing surveys required you to do 3 steps in order to get the imported survey usable in your account. We have now reduced this to a single-step process: Just click “Survey > Import” and select the survey file. This will bring up the project selection box and once you select the project you wish to add the survey to, you’re done!


SPSS Export: Support for not adding empty variables to the SPSS .SAV file

We’ve added an option to not include empty variables in the .SAV file. This is useful for when your survey includes a large iteration count while the actual iterations used is much smaller, the traditional output file would have included all the variables, including the ones for the empty iterations which would easily generate thousands of variables. To make it easier for data processors we’ve added the option to not include these empty variables in the output file:


Exporting Data: Support for exporting “up to X iterations”

A new option allows you to configure the maximum number iterations to export for loops. This is handy when you have a max iteration count of a high number but would like the export data file to not contain more than X iterations:


Exporting Data: Added option to only export interviews with completed attachments

When exporting interviews that have attachments, it is important for come customers to only export the interviews that the attachments of these interviews were uploaded. So we’ve added this as an option on the export wizard option screen:


Export Data: Exporting interviews with many attachments is now smoother

In some cases, when exporting interviews that have many attachments and specifying to export their attachments as well, the process would fail. This process was now streamlined and should complete successfully no matter how many attachments an interview has.


Quota Sheets: Color indicators for fill stage of quota

To aid in quickly identifying the fill stage of a quota, we’ve added color indicators that start from light green to green to indicate the stage of the quota. 100% filled quotas are marked as blue:


Quota Sheets: Support for exporting to Excel

It is now possible to export the quota sheet from the tracking view to excel:


Survey Design: Scale question: added "middle text"

You can now configure the "middle text" in addition to the low/high texts available before:

Bug Fixes

Survey Design: Fixed: “Short ID” changes reflect instantly in the questions tree

When changing the “short id” of a question, usually a refresh of the questions tree was required in order for the change to be reflected. This has been fixed and changes are reflected instantly.


Operations Console: Fixed: Long quota names not cut off

When opening an interview from the operations console and switching to the quota tab, if the quota names were long they would be cut off. This has been fixed:


Dimensions Integration: Fixed: When importing MDD scripts, variable name would not show

When importing an MDD script, the questions tree would not show the variable name unless you press space in the question. This was fixed.


Dimensions Integration: Fixed: Support creating DDF files without “DataCollection.Removed” field


Quantum Export: Fixed: Quantum map files are now exported to xlsx


Survey Design: Fixed: Saving a survey that contains incompatible XML characters generates an error message

When trying to save a survey that contains incompatible XML characters, an error message comes up. This has been fixed.


Survey Design: Fixed: Script validation messages would sometime show incorrect line numbers

In some cases (Organization library etc), when an invalid script syntax was used the validation error message would point to incorrect line numbers in the script. This has been fixed.


Emulator: Fixed: Quota checkboxes are not cleared

In some cases the quota checkboxes in the emulator are not cleared. This has been fixed.


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