Android Version 1.32.104

Here’s a summary of the latest additions/fixes to the SurveyToGo Android App. If you wish to be upgraded to the latest SurveyToGo Android App version please

New Features

Android App: Enhanced RTL support

For RTL (right to left) languages, we have added better support on the device. To enable it, please make sure to check the new options:

The 2 new options will fit various devices. For Samsung devices, only check the first option. For Lenovo devices check both options. For other devices, please first check the first option and see if it works ok, and then check both options to see if the display is better.


Android App: Add localization for Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, German & Hebrew

The interface of the SurveyoToGo for Android app now automatically shows in Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, German or Hebrew if the device regional settings are set for one of these languages.


Android App: Support “image in body” for regular questions (not only empty questions).

You can now display pictures in-line with the question text on regular questions in addition to empty questions. This is done by setting the “DisplayAttachmentInBody” of that question to true:


Android App: Upgrade quota download to Android to be in blocks

Quota definitions are now downloaded to the device in blocks to support surveys with big survey quota definitions.


Android App: Add support for Space between answers

You can now configure the space between answers for a question.

Here is how answers are shown regularly:

And now, here is how they are shown when the space is set to “10″:

You can set the space through the “Answers” tab as shown here:


Android App: Add support for “Repeat header row” for single choice grid

We’ve added support for cases of long tables where you wish to have the header row shown again after X rows of topics. You can now configure this from here:


Bug Fixes

Android App: Fixed: Error when uploading data (Exception)

In certain situations when uploading data from the device that contained illegal XML characters, an error would show. This has now been fixed.


Android App: Fixed: Canceling the “stop interview” screen bug

If you click on “Cancel” on the Stop-interview screen during an interview it would cause you to not be able to then cancel the interview later. This has been fixed.


Android App: Fixed: Child surveys – canceled child surveys (when they have children of their own) are no deleted


Android App: Fixed: Interview attachments would sometime show 2x the number of attachments on the SurveyToGo operations console


Android App: Fixed: Sound recording: When pressing the power button during the recording the app crashes.


Android App: Fixed: when an interview is deleted on the device that has attachments, in rare cases the attachments of a different interview would get deleted.


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