Studio version 1.32.113

Here’s a summary of the latest additions/fixes to the SurveyToGo Studio. If you wish to be upgraded to the latest SurveyToGo Studio version please contact

New Features

Survey Logic: Added new functions: “VarName(CurrQues)” and VRef(“xxx”) that interact with the variable names of the questions

You can now call the “VarName(xx)” and “VRef(“xxx”) functions to interact with the question variable names from within the survey script


Survey Designer: Support Open-Ended / Numeric with “DK/Refuse” etc..

Open ended and Numeric questions now support “Special codes” which allows you to add single choice answers to the open-ended or numeric questions:

This will then be rendered:


Tabulation: Added ability to disregard test and cancelled interviews

The tabulation feature now supports interview status filters:


Emulator: Support right-click on question to get the answer

When running the survey in the emulator you can now right click on a question to get a print-out of the answer:

Which will then show the question value:


Emulator: Add “Vars” tab on emulator

When running the survey in the emulator you can now view the values of the Vars on the new “Variables” tab. “Vars” are global variables that you can use when scripting surveys. Whenever a Vars variables is changed, a print out will show on the Variables tab. For example, this script:

Will generate this entry in the Variables tab:


Operations Console: When showing an interview, add the indication of Filtered on the

top part of the interview

It is now easy to see the question an interview was filtered on (or whether the interview wasfiltered at all). When opening the interview from the operations console you will see a “Filtered On” box that shows the question the interview was filtered on (or “N/A” if it wasn’tfiltered):


Surveyors: Added “Go to survey/project” from user assignments

When opening the “User Assignments” screen:

The user-assignments screen will now allow you to click the “Go to survey” or “Go to project” button:


Bug Fixes


Additional lists: Show error message when failing to create list on server

When trying to add an additional data list and the process fails, instead of receiving a general error message you will now receive a more detailed message.


Emulator: CheckTopicsNotValues crashes the emulator.

When using the CheckTopicsNotValues function the emulator would crash. Fixed.


Operations Console: interview not refreshing after change of status

When changing a status for an interview and closing the interview the operations console grid would sometime not refresh correctly.


Operations console: doesn’t show “days” as hours in duration field

A fix was added to the operations console where if an interview duration was more than 1 day the days count would not show:

Please note this bug was only affecting the operations console screen and was not present in the output data


SurveyToGo Studio: on Windows 8 should now run correctly

Running SurveyToGo Studio on Windows 8 should now run correctly.


SurveyToGo Studio: Screen resolution of 1366X768 fixes.

Several fixes were added to make work on screen resolution of 1366×768 easier so that more options are shown on this smaller resolution common for Laptops.


SurveyToGo Studio: Survey “older versions” are not sorted

When showing the Survey older versions screen, the versions now appear sorted:


Dummy Data Generator: Doesn’t handle “Exclusive” answers correctly

When marking answers as Exclusive they are now handled correctly in the Dummy Data Generator



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