Interview Silent Recording

Silent Recording - Enhance your quality control by listening on the interview as part of your QA process

The link to the Webinar Recording and the Presentation we held on February 2014 is located here:

A great way to enhance quality control of interviews is to utilize the “Silent-Recording” feature of SurveyToGo. “Silent-Recording” enables you to record the interview or parts of it with or without the interviewer knowing. The recording is then attached to the interview and is available on the Operations console for quality control people to listen to.

This in fact allows your quality control department to “listen-in” on CAPI interviews and make sure that:

  • Questions are asked just the way you want them to
  • Interviewers are conducting the interviews per your briefing
  • Hear the tone of respondents and get an insight to how they respond to certain questions


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