Dummy Data Generator

Dummy Data Generator: Easily get your Data Processing team prepared for the collected data before even conducting one interview


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In most organizations, In parallel to scripting a questionnaire, the Data Processing team is getting prepared for the data analysis of the interviews that will be collected when the survey gets out to field.

How much testing effort do you invest in creating test data for your DP team to review before signing off a script?

Has your DP team ever requested that you provide them with more than just 10 test interviews to review?

How many times did you face a situation where there was no time to generate data for the DP team before going live and DP was not happy with the results structure delivered when interviews started coming in from the field?

When creating complex surveys most customers will focus on the script logic accuracy and if time is left will also collect enough test interviews so that the data processing department can review the collected test data (and may require adjustments to the script before going into field).

A great way to enhance this phase is by utilizing the “SurveyToGo Dummy Data Generator” that enables you to automatically generate tens or hundreds of test interviews and then export them into your preferred data format.

The SurveyToGo Dummy Data Generator is an add-on feature that enables you to:

  • Set the amount of test-interviews to generate
  • Run the test with or without validation rules
  • Fine tune the answers and weights of random answers if necessary
  • Export the test data to all supported formats
  • Does not “eat up” any of your interview balance


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