Your Most Important Resources

The key to a smooth learning curve and the ability to efficiently handle your projects with SurveyToGo is by using the available resources we have built.

* "Getting Started" Video series (more videos are coming):

With this videos library you will be able to quickly learn the basics of SurveyToGo, learn how to configure SurveyToGo for your organizational needs and get started with understanding the logic and scripting tools that will serve you while building your basic then more advanced surveys.  

* SurveyToGo Support Center site:

With the Online Customer Support Site we want to help foster the sense of community that we've established with our customers, and encourage the collaborative spirit that has helped shape the heritage of our products and services. Customers can sign up, submit and manage their support requests, access our knowledge base and exclusive content, ask for product enhancements, learn what other users are doing, share from their experience and exchange ideas and easily get up to speed on our ongoing enhancements.

* FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions) : 

An important part of the support portal is the Knowledge Base that contains hundreds of How-To quick guides that will quickly answer most of your common queries related to organization management, scripting, field work and data management and more.  

* Function reference article:

While scripting you will often want to add logic to your script using our built in configurations for the most basic logic but also using our built in function library that enables you to add up to a very complex logic level (text piping, filtering, randomization, routing and more).  

* Support staff work schedule:

Our Email and Web based support is available on the hours as described in the support page of our web site 


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