Security Model Guide

The New SurveyToGo Security Model

We have revamped the security model of SurveyToGo to make it much more robust and configurable. With the new security model you are able to:

  • Define custom roles with access to specific nodes in the management tree.
  • Specify the exact right to each of the sections: none/read/write/full
  • Assign Studio users / groups to either the built-in roles or the custom roles you have defined.
  • Define and assign project specific roles vs organizational roles to control the different access to the management tree nodes.

We have created a quick video guide to the new security mode and you can access the streaming version of it here:

To view this video you will need the webex player installed. You can either install the Chrome extension for that or download it from


Once you finish watching the video please click here to learn how to implement the new SurveyToGo Permissions and Security Model. 

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  • Hi,

    I can not see the WebEx Player when I click on the link as you send, any other way to show it? if so can you send me the file for instruction how to fix this then I can create the user right because at the moment I can not define the user role for our supervisor.



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