How to - Enter X out of Y chapters


The following method can be used if you have a set of chapters and you only want to enter a specific amount of them or a specific amount in a random order.


In the attached example survey you would find a demonstration of the how to implement this type of logic. 

In order to test the sample, please follow this manual on how to import the survey to your studio -

Important notes to notice in the example survey:

* The functions in the advanced script.

* The survey general jump rule: 

In the survey general jump rule there is a call to the  FixJumpOrder(inStartQ,inOrder,inFinalChapter,inRandomize,inMaxChaptersToDisplay,inPromptSelection) (which is found in the advanced scripts)

This function receives 6 parameters-

  • inStartQ - the question to start with.
  • inOrder- a string representing all the chapters by their names (as written in the chapter name)
  • inFinalChapter - the name of the final chapter (as written in the chapter name).
  • inRandomize - Boolean indicating if you would like to randomize the chapters or not.
  • inMaxChaptersToDisplay - the amount of chapter you would like to display.
  • Boolean indicating if you wish to prompt the selected chapter and their order (leave true for testing).


That’s it!

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