Conjoint Sample


With this Conjoint sample, survey respondents are presented with a set of possible brands in various combinations of packaging and pricing and are asked to indicate their selection in each such combination.

In the sample attached, the Conjoint design includes 4 versions and 4 sets in each version (a "set" is actually an iteration number in the Conjoint loop).

In addition, the items list in the design includes a total of 7 brands, and in each set, 3 brands are displayed with their prices, according to the Conjoin Design.  


Using the Conjoint sample:

  1. Import the srv file into your organisation (attached below). You can view this next link that shows how to import an external survey into your account:
  2. Add the "Conjoint Design For Subject Store.xls" file (attached below) as a subject store to the survey. This file determines the conjoint design that includes the versions, sets and relevant items to display in each version and set. To learn more about additional subject store, please view this next link:
  3. To include images in the sample, extract the images from the zip file attached below, and upload those to the survey script through the survey's Advanced tab -> Edit Survey Attachments -> New.

Note that the image display uses an Attachment source. To learn more about attachment source, view this link:

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