How To Restart Silent Recording when an interview stops in the middle


Usually, when using the silent recording feature in your survey, it is defined to start in a certain question, and to stop in a certain question. But what if the interview is stopped before reaching the question that ends the recording? In this case, the attachment of the silent recording will contain only the recording that was captured up until the stage the interview was stopped, meaning if the interview is resumed and continued from that spot, the recording won’t be activated again. This HowTo will show you how you can automatically resume the silent recording in this case.


Define a general jump rule

A general jump rule is a mechanism that is activated after you advance from each question in your survey.
To write a general jump rule, go the survey’s Advanced tab, and click on the “Set general jump rule” link:

In the sample survey attached below, there’re 5 questions. The silent recording starts in Q1, and stops in Q4.
The general jump rule code says this: If the current question I’m in is between Q1 and Q4, and the recording is not activated, then activate it. This way, if the interview was stopped while we were in some question between Q1 and Q4, and later the interview was resumed and continued from that spot – the recording will be activated again.

This sample survey demonstrates the automatic silent recording resuming.

Click here to learn how you can import an external survey into your studio.

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