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  • I import and run survey I think it's not show how to rotation of each type. I don't know what 's wrong with me?

    Please see this youtube :


  • Hi Pear,

    This example will only work properly on an Android Device or a PC Surveyor as it uses the DeviceIndex as the basis for the randomization.

    It will not run properly (Randomize the cycles) on the Emulator.

    Thank you for highlighting the fact this was not clear enough on the description. We will adjust it.


    Best Regards,


  • Thank Danial

    I don't know what wrong with me I use PC Surveyor to run this survey. q2 Curr Rotation not show

    Please see this youtube.


    Thank you,


  • Hi Pear,


    The example works but I think it does not do what you expect it to. I agree that the name of this sample survey may be a bit confusing.

    Do you expect it to show the questions 15A, 15B etc in a  random order?

    If yes we can write such a sample survey and place it in the knowledge base or adjust this one to do it.


    Best Regards,


  • I tested this sample using PCsurveyor but the questions are not being rotated. Only the last answers are being rotated but not the questions. As I understood, rotations means rotation of the questions or chapters. Please advise. Thanks.

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