How To Get the Survey ID of a survey


Every survey in SurveyToGo has a name and ID. When you contact us for assistance and refer us to a survey (the issue or question is related to) we would want to receive the Survey ID which is the unique identifier of the survey and will make sure we are looking at the correct survey. A Survey name is not unique and can contain various special characters that may cause us to not find the survey or find several surveys so providing the survey ID will ensure we are focusing on the correct one. There are 2 options to retrieve the Survey ID:


  1. Step 1: Right clicking the survey in the survey tree and selecting Copy ID
  2. Step 2: Survey Info in the survey designer


Step 1: Right clicking the survey in the survey tree and selecting Copy ID

  1. Right click the survey name in the Studio and chose ‘Copy ID’ which will copy the ID into the clipboard
  2. Paste the ID from the clipboard (into email, reply window in the support portal etc)

Step 2: Survey Info in the survey designer

  1. Open the survey
  2. Navigate to the ‘Survey Info’ tab

That’s it!

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  • but I have an apple mac and don't know how to right click!  I am not at work I am using my own PC - sorry


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  • ID survey:ce8481a4-ac60-4e6a-b313-dd1f8520f9dc


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  • This is the ID:
    I want to connect the variable: Ilha, Concelho e Nome do estabelecimento.

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