How To Add Other Specify in a Grid Question


In this guide we will show you how to add 'Other Specify' to the different Grid Questions. 
The 'Other Specify' option can be used either as an Answer or as Topic.
  1. Add the Answers/Topics to the question.
  2. Mark the Answer/Topic and Click on 'Properties' 
  3. In the following text box check the 'Other Specify' check box and choose the 'Input Type' (Normal or Big Textbox)
  4. Click 'OK'
If the Answers/Topics are part of a scale 
  1. Navigate to the survey root - 'Advanced' Tab - 'Edit Answer Scales'
  2. Choose the Scale and the relevant Answer/Topic and scroll right until you reach the 'Is Other Specify' column and check it.
  3. Click OK. 

On the Devices


To select the Topic 'Other Specify' click on the 'Topic' 

To add the Answer 'Other Specify' choose the Answer 

PC Surveyor

To select the Topic 'Other Specify' click on the 'Topic' 

To select the Answer 'Other Specify' choose the Answer 

and the 'Other Specify' window will show.

Common Functions used to retrieve the value:

ChoiceAdditionalAnswerText(inQuestion, inTopicIndex,inAnswerIndex);


That’s it!

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    I would like to display the text entered in "other to be specified" of question A, in the list of answers for question B

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