How To Get the Value Captured within an 'Other Specify' Box.



This how to will introduce you to a function called ‘AdditionalAnswerText’ which is used in order to get value’s captured within an ‘Other Specify’ text.


How To get the value captured within a ‘Other Specify’ box.

If you have configured yourself an ‘Other Specify’ answer and you wish to get it’s value you should use the function AdditionalAnswerText().

If you are not familiar with ‘Other Specify’ please visit the following link:

The function get’s one parameter which is the relaxants’ question index and returns the value of the ‘Other Specify’ box if captured.

For example, if question 35 is a multi-selection question that has an ‘Other Specify’ option in answer index 5:
AdditionalAnswerText(35, 5);


Will return the value captured within the ‘Other Specify’ box of question 35.


That’s it!


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  • Hi Anat,

    We are using the below script. But it is not working.


    In this the other specify is in topic and want to capture the value in Topic only.


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