Determining How Your Interviews Are Terminated


While collecting data, sometimes, an interview has to be terminated. 

Interviews can be either Cancelled or Filtered out according to the survey's logic as indicated in the questionnaire.

  • Cancelled Interviews - The cancelled interview will be deleted from the device and not be saved hence, it will not be uploaded to the server.
    Cancelled interviews will not deduct a credit from your balance.
    For Example: During screening process, you do not want to continue if the age of the interviewee is Less than 18.
  • Filtered Interviews - Filtered interview will be saved on the device and uploaded to the server, you will be able to review the interview data in the operations console and export the data as well. 
    Filtered interviews will be considered as an interview and a credit will be deducted from your balance.

    For Example: will be used later in the interview after a long questionnaire including general questions, LSM, brand awareness, etc. In such cases we might want to filter an interview if a certain brand is not chosen from the list of awareness brands. 

SurveyToGo enables you to terminate interviews during their execution:

  1. Jump Rules
  2. Quotas - Exceed Action


Jump Rules

Navigate to the 'Rules' -> Jump Rules and add a new jump rule with the needed Action.mceclip2.png

The jump rule shown above will Cancel the interview if answer 2 is chosen and bring us back to the 'Start' screen before running a new survey.

Please click here to learn more how to create Jump/Branch Rules 

Please Note: If you want to prompt the surveyor prior to cancellation/Filtering, navigate to the Survey Properties and enable the option accordingly under the 'Survey Behavior' 
Prompt On Cancel / Prompt On Filter


Then, when a cancellation occurs, you would be prompt with the following message

  • 'Yes' will cancel the interview.
  • 'No' will get back to the question and you would be able to change the answer.

Quotas - Exceed Action

Interviews can be terminated also from the Quotas, using the Exceed Action. 

You can choose to either Cancel or Filter the interview when you reach your Quota, click here to learn more about Quota Management in SurveyToGo.

Navigate to the Quotas Node -> Choose your Survey

Open the Editing Tab and on the bottom right corner choose the Exceed Action you would like to choose, once chosen and saved you will see the colors representing the action in the sheet.


How to View/Export Filtered Interviews


As mentioned above the filtered interviews are upload to server and can be seen in the Operations console, you can add the 'IsFiltered' Column to the Grid to view, click here to learn how to add the columnmceclip4.png

Filtered Interviews can also be exported, under the Filtering Option enable the option to include Filtered-Out Subjectsmceclip6.png

In the exported data you will find the 'Filter' column and each value different than (-1) is filtered, and the value represents the number of question it was filtered at.

That's it!

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