How To Export Multi Language Survey Results to SPSS


SPSS doesn't support Unicode. It only displays ASCII based characters. When exporting a multi-language survey to SPSS you may result with seeing question marks (i.e ‘?’) instead of the text in the sav file. To overcome this there are additional adjustments to configure in order to see the texts that were entered in a different language than the default.

The configuration

Let’s assume that the survey’s languages are English and Arabic. You want the SPSS to be able to show answers in Arabic.
Go to your computer’s Control Panel -> Regional and Language Options -> Advanced tab.
Now set the “Language for non-Unicode programs” to the language you wish to support.


You will most likely be asked to restart your computer. Then, after completing the process, export the survey’s results.

Now you will be able to see them in that language when opening the .sav file in SPSS.

That’s it!

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