How To Restore Test or Deleted Interviews


A common scenario during field work is when you start collecting data while the survey is still in Test mode and so old test results are deleted (overridden).

It also happens that for some reason interviews are manually deleted from the server.

Now you can easily restore deleted interviews from your studio


1. Step 1: Open the “Restore Interviews” window

2. Step 2: Mark all interviews to restore

3. Step 3: Restore interviews


Step 1: Open the “Restore Interviews” window

Go to the survey’s node in the organization tree, right-click it and choose “Restore Interviews”:

Step 2: Mark all interviews to restore

Mark all interviews you want to restore (by left-click+Ctrl on each, or mark a group of interviews using the Shift key):


 Step 3: Restore interviews

Once all relevant interviews are marked, click on the “Restore” button:


 That’s it!

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  • Thanks I have restored the interviews

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  • Buenas tardes, para restaurar adjuntos?

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