How To Export ‘Multi-Selection’ Questions in Different Ways


The following instructions will demonstrate different export options for ‘MultiSelection’ questions.

You can choose which view of exported data for these kinds of questions, suits your goals and helps you analyze your results in the best way.

For Example, you can choose whether you like to view the data is index’s of answers or their specific text, further more you can decide whether to see the specific click order of the respondents choices or not and choose different view’s for your exported data.

Exporting to Checked\Unchecked:

  • Lets choose to export ‘Checked\Unchecked variables’ as the following picture shows:

  • If we choose the ‘Export to checked\unchecked variables, the following exported data table will say:

    “Ok, Answer number one is checked (1), answer number two is unchecked (0)…etc”

Exporting to ‘Each answer as a variable’:

  • Let’s choose to export each answer as a variable like the following picture shows.

  • The following exported data table says:

    “Hey, you chose options 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, and I don’t know what the order of the selections was”

Exporting with Saving Click Order:

  • If you wish to see also the specific click order of the respondents choices, you should use this option:

  • The following exported data table is exported in ‘Export each answer as a variable’ option and it will say:
    “Your 1st choice was answer number 8, your 2nd choice was answer number 3, etc’…”

  • The following exported data table was exported in ‘Export to Checked\Unchecked variables’, in this case, click ‘Save Click Order’ will make no difference:

  • ‘Export in both ways’ will do as it says and export the two different methods one after the other.
  • ‘Export Answers as text’ will show the text of the answers instead of the answer’s index’s.That’s it! This is how to define your own exporting method for ‘Multi-Selection’ questions.
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