Why Aren’t My Surveys Synchronizing to the Device?

In order for a survey to synchronize to the PDA / Laptop you should make sure of the following:

1. The survey is saved.

2. The survey is either in Test or Production mode
Surveys need to be in either Test or Production mode in order to get synchronized to the PDA.

3. The PDA is connected
To check this, tap the Tools > Options > “Test Connection” button and make sure you see a Verified” message appear:

4. The device is synchronized
Synchronization happens after login and then every 10 minutes. To force a synchronization of the surveys, tap the “Synchronize > Surveys” menu option:

5. The survey is assigned to the user 
If you are logging in with a different user to the device and a different user to the Designer, make sure you have assigned the survey to the correct user by clicking the “Survey > Assign to Surveyors” menu option of the designer:

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