Basic Quota Management

Basic Quota Management 

SurveyToGo includes a basic quota management functionality. The basic quota management module provides the ability to control the desired amount and characteristics of survey results (sample) based on various properties designed to support simple quota structures. The basic quota management is composed of series of expressions that define the available controlled quota items. 

Quota Expressions

Quota expressions have names and a corresponding expression that defines the condition. For example we may have the following quota expressions:

Quota Name

Quota Expression


“Answer (1) == 1″ – the answer to question 1 (Gender) equals 1 (female)


“Answer (1) == 2″ – the answer to question 1 (Gender) equals 2 (male)

To enter the above quota definitions into the survey, select the Survey Node from the tree, and click the Rules tab, then use the add button to add the 2 quota definitions:

You can also set the default quota amount that assigned surveys will receive by setting the “Default Quota” column.


Global Quota’s & Live Quotas

In the ‘Rules’ tab where the quotas are being configured, you can see the following two check boxes.
Use Global Quotas: Allows you to define the quotas as global or surveyor based. You should check this if you wish to have your quotas defined globally rather than per surveyor.
Use Live Quotas: Will enforce the quotas to sync more often with the devices which is significant when working with Global Quotas.


Please Note: Global Quotas can in certain scenarios lead to over quota for example in these cases:
1) Some surveyors were interviewing on the same time and captured the same quota of which the remaining target was 1.
2) The surveyors finished interviews but didn't uploaded the interviews for some time, so the global quotas statues was not updated on the server so other surveyor’s devices were not aware of the fact the that remaining quota is less than they actually see on the device. 

When using Global Quotas it is important to set the 'Live Quotas' as well. Live Quotas will enforce the quotas to sync more often when connection is available.

Quota assignment to surveyors

Once the quotas of the survey are defined, it is time to assign the specific quotas to the individual surveyors that are assigned to this survey or set it globally. 

Once you double click the project “Quotas” node, you will see the following screen that shows you the per-interviewer quota assignment (if quotas were set per surveyor) and the global view of the current quotas:

You can then go ahead and edit the “Target” quota for each quota of each interviewer:




[read only] This is the name of the quota as defined in the Survey Properties Rules tab.


The current status of this quota for the specific surveyor. The current status is updated as the surveyor synchronizes his device.


Target quota for this quota. In our example, 20 male and 20 female subjects.

To Target 

[read only]The amount of interviewer left to perform


Indicates the action to take if the surveyor exceeds the target quota.  This action will take place as soon as the survey engine recognizes the exceeding subject. Available actions:

  • None – Do not do anything when an exceeding subject is detected.
  • Cancel – As soon as an exceeding subject is detected, cancel the current subject result.
  • Filter – As soon as an exceeding subject is detected, filter-out the subject. (Filtered Results does not count as a filled Quota)

The surveyor quota configuration is a part of the package that is sent to the device when the surveyor synchronizes his device.

The global view of the quotas is read only and is provided for you to be able to see the overall progress of the project:

Surveyor quota view

The surveyor can view at any given time the current status of his/her quotas. The surveyor can easily figure out how many subjects are still needed to be conducted for each quota. The SurveyToGo App on the device updates the quota status according to the survey results.

Best Practices

  • Quotas are checked at the beginning of a survey, when going over a question that makes part of the quota and at the end of a survey. If a question that takes part in the quota is set by questions after it, the quota will only be checked at the end of the survey. Best Practices is to never set quota questions from questions that come after them.

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