How to send to support on PC Surveyor


This How-To will show you how to find the ‘Send to Support’ button on your device (PC/Laptop).

This button is used when we ask you to use it, in order for us to be able to review the internal system logs of the device. With these logs, we are able to investigate issued that occur on the device when SurveyToGo is being used.

Please note that in order to ‘Send to support’ your device needs to be connected to the internet.

Step 1: Open the “Options” menu

There are two ways to enter to the ‘Options’ menu in PCSurveyor:

  1. Without logging to your account open and click on the ‘Options’ button

  2. After logging to your account open your ‘Tools’ menu and click on the ‘Options’ button

Step 2: Sending the device log to support

To send your device log to Dooblo Support:

  1. Click on the ‘Support’ tab and click on the ‘send to support’ button

That’s it!

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