How to Manage your Subscription Billing


Your SurveyToGo subscription plans (Storage/Connectors/Dooblo Insights) will be billed automatically on a monthly basis. In case you need to change your credit card or other billing details or if you prefer to cancel your subscription, you can do this by contacting the Dooblo support team over email or through the Dooblo payment processor shopper portal. You'll need to have the reference number of one of the charges available in order to login.


Changing Billing Details by Phone (Bluesnap support agents)

If you prefer to talk to a live agent to change your billing details or cancel a subscription, simply call: +1 (866) 312-7733

and make sure to have your order reference number available so that the agent can trace your order.


Changing Billing Details using Email (Through the Dooblo support team)

If you wish to cancel a running subscription you can do so by emailing which will open a support ticket in our Helpdesk system and our support team will cancel the subscription and update you. If you need to make changes other than canceling - please either call the live Bluesnap agents or use the shopper portal as the Dooblo support is not allowed to access your billing details.


Logging Into The Shopper Portal of Bluesnap

Bluesnap is the payment processor of Dooblo. When you signed up for one of the subscription plans a shopper profile was created for you in the Bluesnap payment system and you can use the Shopper portal to modify your subscription. Here is how:

  1. Browse to:
  2. In the login page, fill in the credentials if you know them or if this is the first time you are accessing the shopper portal, just click the "forgot password" link shown here:

  3. In the next screen,  fill in your order reference number and email. The order reference number and email address can be retrieved from the invoice email that was sent to you from the Dooblo system post the last purchase:


  4. Once you click the Submit button you will receive an email with a link to change your password and then you can use the new credentials to login to your account.  Please note: The temporary password may take a few minutes to become active in the system.  If it does not work immediately, please wait a few minutes and try again.


  5. Once logged in with the new credentials, you will be able to manage your subscription. To change the billing details you can click on this link in the list of subscriptions:




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