SurveyToGo Payment Model


With SurveyToGo the software is 100% free and you only need to pay for interview credits however multiple other optional components exist and the below table shows these components and explains how each one can be activated:

Component  Mandatory/ Optional Description Payment Type
Interview Credits Mandatory  The interview credits are used for the data that is collected from the field and is uploaded. See below for more information Pay Per Use
Attachment Storage Space Upgrade (Optional) Only needed in case you are capturing media from the field (Videos, Photos or Sound recordings).  Monthly Payment
Premium Features (Optional) Unlimited Filtered Interviews, White labeling, EU Hosting, On Premise Hosting, Private Cloud hosting Annual Payment
Survey Scripting (Optional) Our scripting department can script a project for you if you wish Fixed cost per project

Below are the descriptions of each component  


Interview Credits 

With SurveyToGo, all the software is absolutely free with no hidden costs. You pay only for production interviews that are uploaded to the system. You can design as many surveys as you need with as many questions as you need. You can also deploy the survey to as many devices as you need and define as many users as you need. You simply pre-purchase the amount of interviews you need according to our available packages.

For example, if you need to do a project with a sample size of 1,000 interviews you can purchase an interview packages of 1,000 interview credits which are loaded to your account and each time you upload an interview 1 interview credit is used. Left over credits are not lost and can be used to future projects - see below about interview credits expiration. There are low-volume packages and high volume packages:

  1. Low volume packages: Can be found here:
  2. High volume packages: Include built-in discounts and can be found here:


Interview Credits Expiration

Pay-per-Interview credits expire within 1-year of last usage of the system (not date of purchase) so this effectively means that as long as you continue using SurveyToGo to collect data, the interview credits will never expire. 


Attachment Storage Space Upgrade (Optional)

The interview credit will include everything you need in order to upload an interview with all of its question and answer data - but not media (photos/videos/sound recordings). If for example you capture a photo during the interview, that photo attachment is uploaded along with the interview  and is linked with the interview but it takes away from your attachment-storage-space. Only photos, videos or sounds (media attachments) take up from your attachment storage space. The regular answers to questions and any other details of the interviews are covered by the interview credits.

Every SurveyToGo account gets 20MB of attachment storage space for free which is great for testing out photos, videos and audio but in case you wish to capture many photos you probably wish to upgrade that space to hold more data. The storage upgrade is charged on a monthly basis and you can think of it like a hard drive that you are renting. Any attachment is uploaded there and you can also download (archive) from it to free up space.

So for example, if you upgrade to 1GB of storage it means you will be charged the corresponding price every month and for as long as you pay you can use the 1GB space. This means you can also remove (archive) data from the storage space and free up the space to use for new attachments.

It is important to note the payment for storage space is optional, you can run complete projects without it and only use the interview credits as long as you are not capturing photos videos or sounds during the interviews. You can have a look at our monthly storage plans here:

The plans can be cancelled any time so you only need to pay for it for the period you wish, so if the survey is running for 3 months, you can cancel the storage upgrade after 3 months.

Each attachment (Video, Photo or Sound recording) that is captured from the field and is uploaded takes away from your organization attachment storage space. By default, each account has 20MB of attachment storage space at no cost which is perfect to test things out but if you wish to upload many attachments you will need to upgrade your storage space. Attachment Storage Space upgrades are billed on a recurring monthly basis (subscription) and we have the following available storage plans that range from 1GB to 20GB. See here for a list of plans and prices:


Premium Features 

We currently have a limited set of premium features which can be enabled separately and are provided at an added annual cost. Any Premium Feature is paid annually and to activate it you need to contact our sales team at


Feature Name Description Cost
White labeling Removes the SurveyToGo branding from the Tablet/Laptop CAPI apps  Annual: $2000/year 

EU Hosting

Host your organization on our EU Datacenter instead of our US Global Data Center Annual: $3600/year
On Premise Hosting Host a SurveyToGo setup on your own company servers instead of using the Dooblo Global Datacenter Annual: (Contact Sales)
Private Cloud hosting  Host a SurveyToGo setup on a dedicated cloud based environment managed 100% by Dooblo Annual: (Contact Sales)







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