How-To Install PC Surveyor


‘PC Surveyor’ the application used by surveyors using PC for conducting surveys.
This How-To will show you how to install it on your PC in one quick step.

Important Note: The PC surveyor can only be installed using Internet Explorer

Installing PC Surveyor through the STG Studio application

  1. Under your organization node in STG Studio, navigate to ‘Device Installations’ and double-click ‘PC Client Install’.
    This will open the following page:

  2. By clicking the ‘Click here’ link you would be directed to the next page:

  3. Clicking ‘Run’ for the installation to begin.


Installing PC Surveyor not through the STG Studio application

You can install the latest PC Surveyor version compatible with Windows XP, Win7, Win8 & Win10 (not RT) both 32&64 bit versions.
This link is constantly updated by us with the latest PC Surveyor versions.

The latest public version can be found in this link: PC Surveyor Installation

Important Note: If your organization uses a specific PC surveyor version please contact your Admin or Dooblo Support to get the required installation link that your organization uses.  

That’s it!

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