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If an STG user/surveyor forgot he’s password, an administrator user of STG studio can reset the user's password.

The administrator user of STG should perform the following steps:

Step 1:

In the organization’s navigation tree open “Surveyor Users & Groups” -> Right click the user -> Click “User Properties”


Step 2:

In the “Edit surveyor” window:
a. Tick the “Change Password” check-box
b. Fill in the “New Password” and the “Confirm New”
c. Optional- Tick the “User must change password on next logon” to make the user change his password
Note: This option apply to STG studio users only, not surveyors
(on Android app when first login- no password change is required)
d. Hit OK

Step 3: 

Inform the user with he's new password.


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  • but I'm the administrator.
    I own the account. Please talk to Daniel ?
    what's up? Who is the person who did it ?

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