Studio Version 1.32.430

The new version is available to all our customers at no cost.

Supported Android/PC Surveyor Version: 371 and higher

Important Note: This is a strongly recommended upgrade for customers using version 426

New Features

Operations Console: Interview log - Additional info to display change log for survey version 

Dimensions Integration: 

  • Parent/Child Survey Support:
    • Add to childmgr - 'GetChildInfo'
    • Make Edit/Start child survey command 'Blocking'
    • Support accessing a child survey from Parent
    • Determine child status when back in parent

Survey Designer:

  • Display error to be shown when a reserved word is being used 
  • Additional callback function to change attachment names including the type - inType.
    • OnGetAttachmentNameEx(inFilePath, inName, inQuestionAttachmentCount, inGlobalAttachmentCount, inType){} 

Result Export: supporting attachment size when exporting the aList 

Studio Designer: A new Android Device Profile that will breakdown the silent recording audio in multiple files, the length will be according to what is defined and aggregate them into a single audio recording file.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixing issues related to export:
    • Dimensions - showing complete stack track in error
    • SPSS - exporting regions of position topics on image 
  • Fixing issues related to statuses after changing their name not shown properly in the observation control.
  • Fixing issues related to the message showing too many variables 
  • Fixing issues related to bulk update when updating single choice question if cell value is of a non existing answer code and the question is set to export by answer code we should fail the update/import and issue an error.
  • Fixing issues related to exporting to Dimension a survey that was imported from Dimensions. 
  • Fixing issues related to Dummy Data Generator not finishing subject when jumping to a question that has go to next and a general jump rule. 
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