Android Version 1.32.365


The new version is available to all our customers at no cost.

Important Change

Attachment Name Capture: Support sketch/sign attachments as well when OnGetAttachmentName() is called for the answer attachment of an open ended questions. 

New Features

Survey Designer: A new Quality Control Flag called 'Interviews upon clock change' which will flag interviews that the clock changed while running.

Survey Designer:

  • Supporting IsTopicHeader & IsAnswerHeader via script
  • Supporting UserLogic function AnsweredAnyIter

Task System: Supporting the following:

  • Supporting Hide/Show future tasks on device
  • Supporting 'Task.TaskData' similar to 'SubjectData' that can be modified from the script and shown in the Task Grid. 
  • Based on the survey property for allowing to set an interview as complete you will be able to set a task as complete as well. 

Download Process: Improve file download progress update.

Sync Errors:

  • Prompt for no credit before attachment error
  • Updated no storage error message

Minor Bug Fixes

  • Fixing issues related to retrieving the address of location.
  • Fixing issues related to downloading attachments does not verify download was completed properly.
  • Fixing issues with application stopping when showing surveys.
  • Fixing issues related to Other Specify answer not being saved in single choice grid selection box mode with randomize topics
  • Fixing issues related to updating subject custom columns
  • Fixing issues related to background sync not working properly.
  • Additional log enhancement for sync process
  • Additional checks for issues with missing survey attachments.
  • Additional Diagnostics button for Device to check integers showing up as decimal points
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