Studio Version 1.32.415

The new version is available to all our customers at no cost.

Supported Android/PC Surveyor Version: 365 and higher

Breaking Changes

Export: Don't export answer details separately for each topic for grid questions

Quality Control Flagging: Each new survey added will be set by default the following Quality Control flags:

Please Note: Surveys created with this studio version will NOT run on PC with version under 1.32.265

  • Fake location was discovered during interview
  • Interviews that have a single choice grid answer with the same answer in all topics
  • Interviews upon clock change

New Features

Survey Designer: Supporting search for jump target questions by adding '#[QuestionIndex]' to the search

Survey Designer: a new Quality Control Flag called 'Interviews upon clock change' which will flag interviews that the clock changed while running.

Task System: Supporting showing the Task ID in the title of the task reviewer form

Task System:

  • Supporting 'Task.TaskData' similar to 'SubjectData' that can be modified from the script and shown in the Task Grid. 
  • Based on the survey property for allowing to set an interview as complete you will be able to set a task as complete as well. 

Survey Designer:

  • Supporting IsTopicHeader & IsAnswerHeader via script
  • Supporting UserLogic function AnsweredAnyIter

Minor Bug Fixes

  • Fixing issues related to FlagByAnswerCodeCode and FlagByAnswerCodePrecentage
  • Fixing issues related to SmartWatcher:
    • Not updating the answer list after save
    • Doesn't not work properly when duplicate texts are used
  • Fixing issues related to time format for timestamps
  • Fixing issues related to KPI reports missing the select survey control
  • Fixing issues related to exporting when double clicking on the provider
  • Fixing issues related to Other Specify answer not being saved in single choice grid selection box mode with randomize topics
  • Fixing format of exporting subject duration to be exported the same way from both Android and PC Surveyor. 
  • Fixing issues related to updating subject custom columns

Known Issues Discovered After The Release

Studio Designer: Advanced page links are not working 

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