Android Version 1.32.362


The new version is available to all our customers at no cost.

Breaking Change

Cached User: Change the check for a cached user on the client - updated users table instead of last online user in DeviceGeneralSettings

New Features

Application Version: Add the application version to the action log

Quality Control: Support alert mechanism for script errors in survey

Survey Designer: Multimedia Question support for silent recording duration by seconds

Survey Designer: Support GetOriginalText() working with specific languages, function supports 3 overloads.

Minor Bug Fixes

  • Fixing issues related to Silent video if stopping capturing because of max file size RecordingManager is not cleared so another recorder cannot start
  • Fixing issues related to Recording stopped due to max file size is not set as silent recording
  • Fixing issues related to Dimensions and linking one survey to another survey (Parent-Child)

Known Issues Discovered After The Release

  • Silent recordings attachments collected using the script based recording (SoundRec.StartRecording/StopRecording) are not being attached to a question in the interview and a wrong question index is passed to OnGetAttachmentName if used in the script (relevant if recording names are controlled through the script).
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