Studio Version 1.32.402

The new version is available to all our customers at no cost.

Supported Android/PC Surveyor Version: 357 and higher

New Features

Operations Console: Time/Date in the interview log will be shown according to the timezone selected by the user.


  • Supporting Long and Double input box with Decimal range
  • Reduce sync time by caching the category map locally. 
  • Log Enhancement - Print the variable name of a question when Dimensions fails to set the answer

Survey Designer: Supporting the option to replace the topic variable name with 'Dimensions' variable name both in survey level and question level.

Operations Console: Showing only the assigned Project Surveyors list and not all the surveyors for the organization. 

Studio Designer: White/Black List - supporting importing/updating a list from excel and exporting a list to excel

Studio Designer: Advanced Quota Sheet - Showing the question index in the Columns/Rows lists. 

Import Results: Displaying an error when subject is not found. 

Export Results: Allowing exporting to SPSS when survey variable names have illegal characters, they will be removed in order to avoid error messages. 

Minor Bug Fixes

  • Minor Dimensions related bug fixes:
    • Related to a response that can't be set by filter.
    • Accessing Loop iteration or Block Chapter by index no longer works
    • Can't access Categories by Name properly
    • Dim Response exception when null is sent.
    • Question Events run on all questions and not just asked questions (OnAfterQuestionAsk, OnBeforeQuestionAsk)
    • OnAnswersUpdated throwing an exception. 
    • Exclusive and Dynamic refresh not working at the same time
    • MDD Import enhancements - Issues with translated answer scaled imported incorrectly, Importing answers using a single scale.
    • Variables that use lists that are composed of sub-lists should still be set to use the resulting scale
    • Log message reported incorrectly when re-sync modifies scales.
  • Fixing option page when exporting to Quantum and Triple-S 
  • Fixing Result imported related issues.
  • Fixing Surveyors list to show survey related surveyors in Operations Grid.
  • Fixing issues with Hindi language crashing the Emulator.
  • Fixing issues with loading an observation map before 'Map' tab is selected.
  • Fixing issues related to Read Only topics which are not validated correctly
  • Fixing issues when opening 'Older versions' in the survey Node.
  • Fixing issues when exporting data to SPSS version 20 string is cut and not exported in the max length.
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